Knights Inn Los Angeles Central/Convention Center Area

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Knights Inn Los Angeles Central/Convention Center Area

1255 West Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 US

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Property Makes No Refunds for No Shows or Early Checkouts. nWelcome to the Knights Inn Los Angeles Central/Convention Center Area. Located in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles. nWithin Walking Distance to Restaurants. nWithin 3 Miles to the Garment District. nCivic Center and City Hall within 1 Mile. nL.A. Convention Center, Staple Center and Dodger Stadium are within 2 Miles. China Town and Little Tokyo are also within 2 Miles. nUniversal Studios and Hollywood within 5 Miles. Also, Korea Town is within 5 Miles. nFly Away Bus Available, Public Bus – 6.00 Dollars.nNo Check-in After Midnight.nFree Continental Breakfast.nFree Internet.nFree Parking. Truck Parking AvailablenWe are closed on Sunday for breakfast.

Property Amenities


  • Ramp access
  • Public areas wheelchair accessible for disabled
  • Service animals allowed on property for people with disabilities
  • Service dogs allowed
  • Elevator near disability accessible rooms
  • Handicapped parking


  • Parking
  • Indoor parking


  • Multiple exits on each floor
  • Well lighted exit signs
  • Wide entrance
  • Security
  • Staff trained in duplicate key issue
  • Steps/staircases have color markings
  • Smoke detector in hallways
  • Steps/staircases have handrails
  • Smoke detector in public areas
  • Fire detectors in hallways
  • Fire detectors in public areas
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishers in hallways
  • Lighted parking area
  • Fire extinguishers in public areas
  • Hard wired smoke detectors
  • Lighted walkways
  • Emergency exits on each floor
  • FEMA approved

Meeting Facilities

  • Meeting rooms

Guest Room

  • Room access through exterior corridor
  • Family/oversized room


  • Accommodations have bath in bedroom


  • Air conditioning