Rodeway Inn Panama City

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Rodeway Inn Panama City

4111 W Hwy 98 Panama City, FL 32401 US

  • 1.3 miles from AAA Jet Ski
  • 1.4 miles from Historic Downtown St. Andrew
  • 3.4 miles from Science and Discovery Center
  • 4.6 miles from ZooWorld
  • 5.9 miles from Spinnaker Beach Club Grill
  • 7.1 miles from Saint Andrews State Park
  • 10.5 miles from Panhandle Helicopter, LLC
  • 6.9 miles from Rock It Lanes
  • 6.1 miles from Club La Vela
  • 5.1 miles from Race City
  • 7.4 miles from Shipwreck Island Water Park
  • 10.3 miles from Miracle Strip Amusement Park
  • 4.3 miles from Panama City Mall
  • 9.9 miles from Pier Park
  • 10.2 miles from Gulf World Marine Park

See why millions of people from around the world come to Panama City, FL. When booking at our Rodeway Inn Panama City hotel, rest assured your accommodation needs will be met. Enjoy the array of amenities offered at our hotel while being easy on your wallet. Panama City Beach, known as The Worlds Most Beautiful Beach, is located only six miles from the hotel and offers many attractions, restaurants and shopping. Within walking distance or a short drive away, many local restaurants are established in the Historic St. Andrews area.

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