SBH – South Beach Hotel

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SBH – South Beach Hotel

236 21st Street Miami Beach, FL 33139 US

  • 14.4 miles from Historic virginia key beach park - miami fl
  • 1.4 miles from Miami mid-beach
  • 4.8 miles from Miami north-beach
  • 28.4 miles from Sawgrass mills mall - sunrise fl
  • 9 miles from Gusman center for the perf arts
  • 10 miles from Johnson and wales univ
  • 15.6 miles from Key biscayne national park
  • 4 miles from Metromover
  • 12 miles from Miami armtrak station
  • 20 miles from Miami dade county fair g
  • 5.4 miles from Miami design disctrict
  • 4 miles from Miami international univ
  • 16.6 miles from The adrienne art center university of miami
  • 6.4 miles from Ayfront park
  • 38.1 miles from Bbandt center
  • 26 miles from Everglades adventure
  • 30 miles from Fort lauderdale - hollywood
  • 21 miles from Grand miami air tour

Since it s 2013 debu sbh south beach hotel has been an exemplar of miami beach style and coolnes a place where locals and visitors can think less and play more. Chic and boldly handcrafted yes but intimate ad easygoing too. Our miami hotel features free wi-fi valet parking and complimentary breakfast as well as beach loungers and towels. Think shouth beach glamour without all the usual bustle and barvado. From the historic art deco jewel box to the palm-fnot laden cafe inpired patio youll find this newly refreshed 51-room boutique to be a hidden gem in the best part...

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