Baton Rouge Marriott

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Baton Rouge Marriott

5500 Hilton Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70808 US

  • 39 miles from Beyond The Bayou Tours
  • 5 miles from Louisiana Arts and Science Museum
  • 5 miles from Capitol Park Museum
  • 0 miles from Corporate Boulevard
  • 4 miles from Magnolia Mound Plantation
  • 3 miles from The Old Governor's Mansion
  • 5 miles from Rural Life Museum
  • 3 miles from Old State Capitol
  • 4.7 miles from Shaw Center for the Arts
  • 4 miles from Louisiana State University
  • 15 miles from Baton Rouge Zoo

The capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is nestled in the heart of the state. A city where delectable seafood & Cajun culture run deep, & over 300 years of rich history is on display. Surrounded by this colorful tapestry of architecture, politics, & culture, our luxury hotel in Baton Rouge offers an unique blend of grits & glitz. Enjoy Southern hospitality mixed with the modern amenities, from fluffy pillows & soft beds to free Wi-Fi & Smart-TVs with premium channels in every hotel room. We offer an onsite fitness center, indoor pool & an ideal location – just 3 miles...

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