JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City

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JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City

Al Shuhada Street P.O. Box 26302 Kuwait City, 13124 KW

  • 11.6 miles from Kuwait Finance House
  • 24.1 miles from Entertainment City
  • 0.2 miles from Yaum Al-Bahhar Village
  • 2.1 miles from Beit al-Badr Sadu House
  • 5.6 miles from Sharq Souk Shopping Mall
  • 12.5 miles from Marina Mall Shopping District
  • 2.2 miles from Al Diwan Al Amiri
  • 10.8 miles from The Avenues Mall Kuwait
  • 1.7 miles from Kuwait National Museum Planetarium
  • 21 miles from Failaka Heritage Village
  • 1.7 miles from Ice Skating Rink
  • 2 miles from National Assembly
  • 2.3 miles from Seif Palace
  • 2 miles from Kuwait City

Distinguished among Kuwait’s authentic luxury hotels, JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City is a bliss of tranquility in the heart of Kuwait City’s commercial and financial center, only 15 minutes away from Kuwait International Airport. The seasoned business traveler will appreciate this Kuwait 5-star hotel for both its classic charm and special amenities. Elegantly appointed rooms and suites are complemented by personalized service around the clock. Each one of our four restaurants is authentic in every detail with well-crafted menu selections. Terrace Grill offers one of the best steaks in Kuwait, while Crossroads showcases an open buffet-style meal. Boost your energy...

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