Hampton Inn Spartanburg-North I-85

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Hampton Inn Spartanburg-North I-85

121 Traveller Drive Spartanburg, SC 29303 US

  • 8 miles from River Bend Sportsman*s Resort
  • 2 miles from Diversco
  • 3 miles from Mary Black Hospital
  • 5 miles from Spartanburg Regional Hospital
  • 5 miles from Walnut Grove Plantation
  • 5 miles from Wofford College
  • 7 miles from City Center
  • 12 miles from Premium Outlets
  • 7 miles from Spartanburg Community College
  • 24 miles from BMW Performance Center

nature history and culture in harmony nwelcome to the Hampton Inn Spartanburg-North I-85.nStep back in time to the colonial era or indulge in modern luxuries and recreation in Spartanburg. The Hampton Inn hotel in Spartanburg-North I-85 is situated to offer easy access of the Duncan business centers and is within five minutes of Wofford College.nExplore the natural beauty of the area at Croft State Natural Area Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve or Lawson*s Fork Creekall are located within minutes of our hotel in Spartanburg. Also visit the Magnolia Street Train Depot or take a ride in the Foothills Nature Equestrian...

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