Tru by Hilton Seneca Clemson

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Tru by Hilton Seneca Clemson

13050 Clemson Blvd Seneca, SC 29678 US

  • 3.3 miles from SC Botanical Gardens
  • 3 miles from The Walker Golf Course
  • 7 miles from WalMart SuperCenter
  • 2.7 miles from Fort Hill Plantation
  • 0 miles from Newspring Church- Clemson Campus
  • 2.9 miles from Publix Grocery
  • 1.9 miles from Walgreens
  • 1 miles from City Center
  • 0.33 miles from Clemson University

Have some fun at our new Tru by Hilton Seneca Clemson hotel, just off Highway 123 near Clemson University and Lake Hartwell. Our uniquely Tru rooms are smaller and more efficiently designed, with space for everything you need and nothing you dont. Relax on the comfortable bed and enjoy premium channels on the large HDTV, as well as a big, bright bathroom with tons of counter space. Say wow to a free hot breakfast each day. Indulge or eat healthy: its your choice. Spice up a cup of fresh, hot LavAzza coffee, Stash tea or hot chocolate, available 24/7 in...

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