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16920 Panama City Beach Pkwy Panama City Beach, FL 32413 US

  • 0 miles from Barefoot Hide A Way Grill
  • 1 miles from The Beaches of the Gulf of Mexico
  • 0 miles from The Craft Bar Panama City Beach
  • 0 miles from Zoo World Zoological Park
  • 0 miles from Panama City Zoo
  • 0 miles from State Parks Walking and Biking Trails
  • 0 miles from Watersports
  • 0 miles from Go Karts
  • 0 miles from Miniature Golf
  • 0 miles from Shipwreck Island Waterpark
  • 1.5 miles from Pier Park
  • 0 miles from Gulf World Marine Park

Travelers looking for the most comfortable and convenient Extended Stay Panama City Hotel can make the smart choice by booking with Candlewood Suites Panama City Beach. Located directly on Panama City Beach Parkway and at the heart of PCB Pier, this pet friendly hotel is close to the best shopping, restaurants, sports fields and entertainment that the city has to offer. Our Pier Park Hotel is easily accessible by car or plane, as we are near Highway 79 and a mere 15 minutes from the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. nLive, work and unwind in one of our suites, which...

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