Alt Hotel St John

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Alt Hotel St John

125 Water Street St. John, NL A1C 5X4 CA

  • 0.4 miles from Courtyard by marriott hotel
  • 1.4 miles from Delta hotel
  • 2.5 miles from Department of natural resources
  • 0.65 miles from Sheraton hotel
  • 1.5 miles from Fortis
  • 2.7 miles from Memorial University
  • 2.6 miles from Quidi Vidi Village
  • 1.4 miles from Johnson Geo Centre
  • 8.5 miles from Bowring Park

Modern rooms with absolutely everything you need a comfortable bed a nice hot shower and super-fast Wi-Fi. All this in a modern environment where you can sit back relax and enjoy a drink.nnThe Alt Hotel St. Johns occupies a prime downtown location at the north east corner of Water and Prescott streets and close to the main tourist attractions. The building overlooks the harbour and offers a spectacular view of The Narrows Channel.

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